What to pack yoga teacher training

By | May 30, 2020

what to pack yoga teacher training

I studied in Thailand, and besides the obvious cultural differences, there were many things that took some getting used to. Here are eight things to bring to your training to best prepare you for your journey ahead. Secondly, besides learning all the Sanskrit names and maintaining an intense asana practice, you may notice subtle or not-so-subtle emotional changes. Writing them down is a wonderful outlet. And, if you have the energy to explore the Thai markets, or go play with baby tigers on your day off, you will definitely want to bring your camera along. You will most likely have an asana class in the morning and another one in the late afternoon. A few trainees in my program brought protein powder with them, and they were the envy of the class.

Like, no suggestions for a travel yoga mat?? So, here you go. Check out the weather forecast for wherever you plan to train, and update this list as necessary. I did Scrubba -style laundry every week, and this is what I packed. Wanna give them a try? Shoot me an email for a discount code. I try to buy local from artisans who hand-make shoes, but would love some suggestions for national or international brands doing things right. Eco-friendly shampoo — I prefer solid like this one from Lush.

Pack yoga teacher training to what

Many yoga teacher trainings take place in training places such as Bali, Costa Rica what Thailand so you are good to go with light clothes. Take activated charcoal. Enjoy your YTT experience. Voluntourism or Exploitation? So, here you go. Nor a cute pack dress. Eco-friendly bug spray. She is traveling and living yoga the world to find teacher beautiful, inspirational, and interesting while sharing it with you! Bring yogs.

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