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By | July 9, 2019

Nimesh Jhaveri, President of Health Mart, discusses what patients want in their pharmacy. This interview was filmed at the McKesson IdeaShare 2019 conference in Orlando.

Nimesh Jhaveri, RPh: They’re looking for a frictionless, easy experience. They’re looking for a pharmacist and a pharmacy team that they can trust. They’re looking for services to make their life easier. Everyone’s busy right now, and as statistics would say, three-quarters of the decisions in health care are made by the female in the house. She is busy. She has kids, she has folks that she’s taking care of—whether it’s her parents, her aunt or uncle—whoever. And she’s the CEO of her job, and the CEO of her career. She’s the CEO of her home. She’s looking for us to make their lives easier. She’s looking for a pharmacist and a trusted individual that she can go to for questions on how to take care of her son or daughter, or to take care of herself, or to take care of her parents. And so make sure that we’re available for them. Make sure that we have a frictionless, easy, in-and-out experience for them. And let’s make sure that we’re providing them with services other than simply filling their prescription, but to surround it with other things that are valuable for them.

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