Top Tips For Boosting Credibility Of Your Business

By | November 15, 2018

As a first-world country and a tech haven, Australia is a breeding ground for all sorts of startups and small businesses, belonging to different fields and industries. This means that the competition is fierce and you, as a first-time entrepreneur, might have a much harder time making a name for yourself. Moreover, because 9 out of 10 of these startups are likely to fail, it’s safe to assume that their business reputation and practices aren’t… well, admirable. Sadly, by making these mistakes, they’re preparing the market to expect the same from you. So, here are several tips to boost your credibility and company image, early on.

One of the things that your customers want the most, yet expects the least, is transparency. You see, they’re accustomed to companies that are afraid to call things by their real name. Companies often use techniques like pricing products $ 9.99 hoping to trick their customers into thinking that the price of the product is lower than it actually is. Apart from this, they’re also afraid to put the full price of the product on their website or e-store, so, instead, they deduct the tax and the cost of delivery before displaying the figure. 

By being different on these two issues, your audience will come to trust you in no time, seeing as how your company will appear to care more about its customers than its profits. Ironically, this will help you generate return customers which will make your sales skyrocket. According to one statistic, on average, 8 per cent of return customers generate 40 per cent of profit. This means that deceiving your potential buyers to make a one-time purchase is not worth it.

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Start Supporting A Cause

Previously, we talked about the importance of showing your audience that you care about them. Another thing that boosts your public image is your ability to demonstrate that you care about more than just your business and your industry. Pick a cause, a noble cause, and start making content about it, organise charity events and even donate on your own. 

This will show your audience that your business is not just a sales-generating vessel but a serious organisation with its values, missions and objectives in various fields. At times, the fact that you’re likeminded will be paramount, even though your offer might be slightly inferior regarding objective net value.

Don’t Forsake Traditional Marketing Techniques

While some may claim that new is always better, nostalgia is still a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. Therefore, you might want to give old-school marketing a second chance. In face-to-face B2B interactions, a simple act of handing one a business card can make a huge difference. This notion is a remnant of an era long past that belongs to the much-romanticised traditional business world. As for your B2C, newspaper ads and telemarketing still give an outstanding ROI. This latter fact alone is a reason enough to get 1300 numbers in Australia, seeing as how it both boosts your credibility and helps your advertising.

Ask For Endorsements

Finally, endorsements are fantastic for boosting credibility. You need to understand that while it’s best if people were to promote you out of their conviction, this is not likely to happen early on. Influencers aren’t endorsing brands for free. Seeing as how their social media leverage is a resource and their likes, shares and tweets a currency. As for the regular users of your brand, you should probably ask for an endorsement instead of just hoping that you’ll get it. Encourage them to leave a positive review or share the news that they’re the latest addition to your family. You can even start a referral program and give them a material incentive to endorse you. 

The reason why we picked these four tips is that they’re efficient, regardless of your business model, your industry or the type of product/service that you provide. Furthermore, they’re self-explanatory and straightforward, which makes them ideal for people without much experience in the business world. Image: Unsplash. Author: Diana Smith.

Nic Makim

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