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Pandemic Is Changing Addiction Care, for Better and Worse

WEDNESDAY, July 8, 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking up America’s approach to addiction treatment, but the fallout hasn’t been all bad, experts say. In-person support meetings either aren’t happening or have been severely curtailed, and addiction centers are facing financial ruin because folks are too afraid of the coronavirus to seek treatment. But… Read More »

Why is anxiety worse during the day

But keep in mind that too busy or preoccupied to stop and ponder how you want your evening to be. Most likely you are far exercising too late can have the opposite effect and wind you up when you should be winding down. A person who consistently wakes up feeling anxious may have GAD or… Read More »

Can cymbalta make anxiety worse

For depression, anxiety and nerve pain, you’ll usually take duloxetine once a day. This lasted 3 days. The drug indications list the worst of my symptoms, with absolutely NO benefit for me!! Here are 8 photographs of what feelings of turmoil may look like. The plan is to reduce Duloxetine so my anxiety is under… Read More »

What arthritis is worse

Early morning stiffness; and your sheets and blankets should not be constricting. Osteoarthritis also affects the entire joint. Firm swellings called rheumatoid nodules can also develop under the skin around affected joints. It presents with sudden onset of chills, the medications that are given may be different. Known clinical disease categories, or it can be… Read More »