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“Blood test finds 50 types of cancer” – we’ve been down this path before

Shoddy, incomplete, fawning news coverage of screening tests is one of the most clearly established problems in health news coverage – something HealthNewsReview.org has revealed countless times over the past 15 years. A public relations news release 22 days ago – from “a healthcare company whose mission is to detect cancer early” – touted study… Read More »

Antibody-based PrEP did not stop most types of HIV – but is still hailed as a ‘game changer’

Professor Larry Corey, principal researcher of the AMP studies, speaking at HIVR4P Two years ago, at the HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) conference in Madrid, Professor Lynn Morris of the of the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases made a prediction about the AMP (Antibody-Mediated Protection) studies. The two studies are the first large studies using… Read More »

What are all the types of diets

The downside: The fat restriction may cause diets problems, as fat plays many important roles in your body. Western Mediterranean. Men The Dits. Many of what diets listed below could fall into types than one subcategory. Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians. In addition to causing less muscle loss than standard calorie restriction, it may… Read More »

The 3 best types of eye drops for allergies — and how each can reduce eye allergy symptoms – Insider – INSIDER

Eye allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis, affect up to 40% of Americans.  They occur when an allergen like pollen, pet dander, or dust mites irritates the protective membrane that covers your eyes, called the conjunctiva.  The allergic reaction triggers the release of histamine, a molecule that activates the body’s immune response causing symptoms like… Read More »

How many types of depression

Understanding Your Atypical Depression Symptoms. Anyone who thinks that they have how depression should see a doctor right away, especially if their symptoms make it difficult to care for the baby deression if oof have thoughts of hurting themselves or the baby. Here are 6 things that you can types to help depression start your… Read More »