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Wisconsin father’s wife and young daughters trapped in Wuhan

‘My family is in lockdown in Wuhan’: Wisconsin father begged US State Department to let his wife, his five-year-old daughter and his 10-month-old BABY leave on the only evacuation flight out of coronavirus-stricken city Daisy Roth and her daughters Adalynn, five, and Abigail, 10 months, landed in Wuhan, China last week to spend Lunar New… Read More »

Stomach bloating: The 50p food you should be eating every day to prevent trapped wind pain

Stomach bloating is a common condition that affects most people at some point in their lifetime, according to the NHS. It can make the stomach feel stretched and puffy, and it’s generally just not very comfortable. Your trapped wind may be caused by the foods in your diet, and likewise, some foods could help to… Read More »