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Productive Things To Do When High

Most people think that cannabis smokers are lazy and unmotivated. It’s one of the most common stereotypes that cloud the reputation of weed. While there’s no denying that there are lazy individuals who smoke pot, it’s not the weed that made them that way. People who have ambition and drive can smoke weed without losing… Read More »

The Measles Outbreak Europe 2020 – Things You Need To Know

Measles is one of the infectious diseases that’s been causing health troubles for many nations including Europe. In 2019, the World Health Organization[1] announced significantly high measles cases reported in 42 countries of the European region. The worst-case number was 13 measles-related deaths in 3 countries: Romania, Albania, and Ukraine. The mortality rate in Ukraine,… Read More »

Can You Get Pregnant at 50? 5 Things Older Women Must Keep in Mind to Conceive a Child

A user on Quora raised one of the most common questions about pregnancy asking its readers if it is actually possible to get pregnant at 50. Now, unless you are Sarah and Abraham from The Bible, who conceived when they were over 90 years old, physically, in today’s times, it just isn’t possible. The reason… Read More »

24 Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy, According To An OBGYN

12) Gingivitis, bad breath, or weak teeth: The hormonal and immune changes in pregnancy can predispose women to gum disease and tooth decay. Increased progesterone levels can lead to the loosening/laxity of ligaments. Other tissues and this can lead to teeth feeling more ‘wiggly’ than usual. However, this doesn’t translate to an increased risk of… Read More »