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Smart toilets seen as future real-time health monitoring tech

Toilets are currently used for disposing of human waste. But researchers see tremendous value in the metabolic information contained in urine as a source of real-time monitoring of peoples’ health. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research are working on a proof of principle for an integrated “smart toilet” system… Read More »

How much does cardiovascular tech make

Employees with Cardiovascular Technologist in their job does in Seattle — certifications and higher education also lead to more advanced or specialized job positions which can lead to higher compensation. While sonographers play an important role in monitoring the health of an unborn fetus and the health of the mother, the bottom cardiovascular is that… Read More »

Solving the social determinants requires the right tech and a better payment model

Tom Sequist of Partners HealthCare, Dr. Eric Fleegler of Veta Health and an ER physician at Boston Children’s Hospital, Somava Stout, of the Connected Health Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Josh Lemieux of the nonprofit OCHIN, address the social determinants at the Connected Health Conference in Boston. Physicians have long struggled to get patients and… Read More »