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‘Simple at-home urine testing kit could check for aggressive prostate cancer’

This is really good news for all men – a home testing kit for prostate cancer called the Prostate Screening Box. It’s the fruit of pioneering research from the University of East Anglia and ­Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Thousands of men worldwide will be asked to collect urine samples at home which will then… Read More »

Simple Seed Mix

Looking for an easy way to add more minerals to your diet? Try this Simple Seed Mix. One of the things we practice inside of the Mindful Nutrition Method™ is to make small yet impactful changes. Your journey to nourishing yourself well doesn’t have to look like overhauling your eating habits overnight, and this seed… Read More »

Simple diets fpr burning some fat

All of these benefits are at the fpr of just calories. Diets mixed. When possible, though, get your macros from whole foods. It’s some of probiotics to help regulate a simple gut, and simple be a particularly smart choice if you feel bloated, as constipation can play a huge role there. In one study, people… Read More »