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How can antibiotics lead to septic shock

About 25 years ago, sepsis was considered to be a response to endotoxin thought to be relatively specific for Gram-negative bacteria. Your interest in Mars could lead to wanting to learn more about the planet. Ways to Prevent and Treat Septic Shock Sepsis is bad. Your best defense against septic shock, however, is to prevent infections.… Read More »

Woman, 31, goes into anaphylactic shock after swallowing her partner's SEMEN

Woman, 31, with severe allergy to penicillin goes into anaphylactic shock after swallowing her partner’s semen ‘because was on antibiotics’  The unidentified woman began to vomit and struggle to breathe after fellatio The woman, from Spain, went to hospital with a suspected anaphylactic shock  She revealed she had an allergy to penicillin but denied having… Read More »