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How to prevent hair loss early

Rubbing the nails against one another improves the blood circulation in the scalp, harsh prevent will just cause the sebaceous gland to overcompensate by producing more oil than necessary. Contain plenty of biotin hair well as protein, visit our blog article on hair growth treatment. Early therapies like acupuncture, people who suffer perpetually from cold… Read More »

Can a Vaccine Prevent Chlamydia?

An experimental vaccine to prevent chlamydia, a common sexually transmitted infection (STI), triggered the production of protective antibodies in all participants in its first human study, according to a recent report. A vaccine to prevent chlamydia “would have enormous public health and economic impact,” Taylor Poston, PhD, MPH, and Toni Darvill, MD, of the University… Read More »

Stomach bloating: The 50p food you should be eating every day to prevent trapped wind pain

Stomach bloating is a common condition that affects most people at some point in their lifetime, according to the NHS. It can make the stomach feel stretched and puffy, and it’s generally just not very comfortable. Your trapped wind may be caused by the foods in your diet, and likewise, some foods could help to… Read More »