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Pregnancy Nutrition 101

How should your intake differ during pregnancy? Here we’ll discuss the ins and outs of navigating pregnancy nutrition. From the minute you find out you’re pregnant to the day of your delivery, as an expecting mother you’re bombarded with an abundance of confusing information. Whether it’s how to deal with swollen feet or the best… Read More »

Benzodiazepines and Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy

This is another situation where the headlines don’t really tell us the full story:  Benzodiazepine Use Linked to Risk for Ectopic Pregnancy. (But at least it prompted me to read the original article in its entirety.)     According to a recent study, risk for ectopic pregnancy may be elevated among women taking benzodiazepines before conception.  Using… Read More »

24 Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy, According To An OBGYN

12) Gingivitis, bad breath, or weak teeth: The hormonal and immune changes in pregnancy can predispose women to gum disease and tooth decay. Increased progesterone levels can lead to the loosening/laxity of ligaments. Other tissues and this can lead to teeth feeling more ‘wiggly’ than usual. However, this doesn’t translate to an increased risk of… Read More »

Why no acne during pregnancy

Although people often blame acne on diet, the connection is shaky. Drug safety: Pregnancy ratings classifications and controversies. Avoid products with retinol, retinoids and salicylic acid, because of possible birth defects. Use of tetracyclines after the first 18 weeks of pregnancy may affect the formation of the baby’s teeth why no acne during pregnancy cause… Read More »