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Green invests half a billion francs in the digital location Switzerland

Green is building its second data center campus, which will house three high-performance data centers and a business park Zurich, Switzerland – With its IT infrastructure, Green helps to ensure that the economy is based on strong foundations and it serves as an important partner for international cloud providers. The company is now expanding its… Read More »

The effects of oxytocin on social anxiety depend on location, location, location

Studies have long suggested that oxytocin — a hormone that can also act as a neurotransmitter — regulates prosocial behavior such as empathy, trust and bonding, which led to its popular labeling as the “love hormone.” Mysteriously, oxytocin has also been shown to play a role in antisocial behaviors and emotions, including reduced cooperation, envy… Read More »

What acne location says

Problems could include dry gritty eyes, seeing spots, and blood-shot eyes. Facebook us: Join the saywhydoi facebook fanpage to be the first to know when a new article is up! Have you ever wondered why you get a spot exactly at a particular location on your face? Note that some references will say that spots… Read More »