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People living with HIV in the media: irresponsible, unhealthy and ‘other’

People living with HIV were often presented as reckless or morally deficient, according to an analysis of Irish print media between 2006 to 2016. Little attention was given to broader structural and social factors related to HIV transmission or to recent biomedical advances. This research was conducted by Dr Elena Vaughan and Dr Martin Power… Read More »

Using racial adjustments for Black people living with HIV decreases the accuracy of kidney function tests

A study of African Americans living with HIV has found that the commonly used method for estimating kidney function is overestimating how well their kidneys are working. Their estimated kidney function was less accurate when race was included in the calculations than when their race was omitted. Results were especially inaccurate when the participants had… Read More »

Diabetes often underdiagnosed or undertreated in people living with HIV

The rate of missed diagnosis of diabetes among people living with HIV and engaged in HIV care may be significant, according to a French study published in PLOS ONE. The study has also found that rates of undertreated diabetes in this population were surprisingly high. Additionally, participants with diabetes were at elevated risk of cardiovascular… Read More »

The Future of Health Is “Now,” Deloitte Says; But Are Consumers Living and Loving It?

The pandemic has become a sort of forcing function on all aspects of daily living, include health care. Deloitte’s latest wave of health care consumer market research updates the COVID-19 impacts on the U.S. health care landscape and asks the question in the study report’s title: “Are consumers already living the future of health?” For… Read More »