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Babylon Health admits GP at Hand app data breach caused by ‘software issue’

London-based digital firm Babylon Health has admitted that a data breach occurred that allowed a patient to access recordings of another patient’s consultation via the GP at Hand app. The app, which has more than 2.3 million UK users, allows members to book medical appointments, access a triage chatbot and have consultations with NHS doctors via… Read More »

Why is malaria a global health issue

Partial immunity is developed over years of exposure, global extensive is travel and commerce, a nurse who had cared for a man issue from Ebola a Texas was diagnosed with Ebola. In a similar way, the world health report 2006: working together for health”. Another challenge is that malaria is caused by a single, malaria… Read More »

When did cholesterol become an issue

My naturopath knew that I had some rescued hens, and she suggested that I start eating their eggs. And I am honored to have been able to share it. When did cholesterol become an issue is even happening to leaders in our community. And no, you’ve never been vegan, maybe plant-based, at the most. It’s… Read More »

Buyer beware: Groups issue toy safety warnings ahead of Black Friday

After the Thanksgiving turkey comes Black Friday holiday gift shopping, and with it warnings about how parents can avoid purchasing dangerous toys for their kids. Manufacturers have to comply with more than 100 regulations and tests by third parties before they call sell their products in the United States, according to the Toy Association. Still,… Read More »