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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Going to Madripoor is the MCU’s Biggest X-Men Hint Yet

The following story contains spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 3. Episode 4 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier moved the action to the island of Madripoor, which will certainly be a familiar name for Marvel Comics fans. Madripoor represents the biggest connection yet for the MCU to the eventual introduction… Read More »

Never going back to non-diet foods

Everyone has heard the phrase “processed foods” by now, but many people don’t really know what life would be like without them. Here’s a hint: Your health, mood, and appearance will improve—dramatically! Processed foods are chemical-laden, addictive foods usually sold in jars, boxes, and bags, and armies of well-paid food scientists make it their missions… Read More »

What flu is going around 2019

Don’t try to push through it by going to work or what flu is going around 2019, classic pertussis lasts several weeks with some cases lasting 10 weeks or longer. From October to May, call your doctor. 2020 Nexstar Broadcasting, are we in the clear yet? Anyone with a chronic medical condition is more likely… Read More »

Why a Bunch of Influencers Are Being Criticized for Going to MDL Beast Festival in Saudi Arabia

If you happen to follow a bunch of models and influencers on Instagram and noticed that they were literally all in same freakin’ place a few days ago, then good for you—you have an incredibly keen sense of observation. But what looked like the most envy-inducing vacation overseas actually turned out to be the MDL… Read More »