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What alcohol goes with diet coke

More From Cosmo Bites. An Argentinian classic! In a mixing glass with ice, combine the 3 ingredients before straining into a rocks glass over ice. Fill tall glass with ice to the top before adding the vodka and Kahlua. Sorry about this, but you’re current maximum number of ingredients you can add is set to… Read More »

Why blood pressure suddenly goes high

Blood is “pressed” against the inside of these filtering fingers and waste water and waste material go through the filtering tissues and into the interior of the kidney. In one New York marathon of the why blood pressure suddenly goes high 90’s this combination clamed 4 lives, and many of the average 30 deaths a… Read More »

Why acne comes and goes

It’s the closest thing we have to a cure. If you just went through an intense weekend of eating cheeseburgers and pizza, take a look at your skin a day or two later to see if you start breaking out. Why the Same Pimple Keeps Rearing Its Ugly Head on Your Face Over and Over… Read More »

Adult Acne Is On The Rise — & It Goes Way Beyond Surface Level – Refinery29

“While teenagers are vulnerable to depression and anxiety stemming from the condition at this developmental stage, studies show that as a group, it’s the adult population that experiences it the most,” says Keira Barr, MD, a board-certified dermatologist whose practice, the Resilient Health Institute, is dedicated to what she calls the “intimate and intricate brain-skin… Read More »