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How is diabetes a genetic disease

WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Researchers don’t know exactly how — and how much — all those how is diabetes a genetic disease affect your chances of getting the disease. Type 2 Diabetes: What Is It? Genetic Factors in Type 1 Diabetes. If the parent also has a condition called type… Read More »

How is high cholesterol genetic

Second, we see here, that even with a genetic disorder, you can manage cholesterol levels with non-Pharma natural plant compounds. Using a statistical model, the team concluded that roughly 834,500 Americans have this inherited condition. If you would like any support in contacting or talking to your family, our specialist nurses or your genetics may… Read More »

Can cardiovascular disease be genetic

These findings may motivate other investigations and, but this does not mean that the genes cannot eventually be located and studied. These parameter values were chosen to give a distribution of effect sizes that is comparable to loci in the NHGRI, despite the absence of any underlying differences in risk, genetic variant at coronary artery… Read More »

Can migraine be genetic

University of Helsinki, chronic migraines affect about 1 in 50 people worldwide. You can use your family’s migraine history to help you determine the likelihood that you will have a migraine, the findings from this study could be a first step in   developing new treatments for migraines, serotonin abnormality constricts or tightens blood vessels… Read More »

Genetic variants may put some athletes at higher risk of sudden death

Sickle cell anaemia makes red blood cells an elongated sickle shape rather than roundedEye of Science/Science Photo Library By Clare Wilson A cluster of unexplained deaths of US athletes while exercising could be down to several genes that affect the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen. The findings could be turned into a… Read More »