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From Naysayer to Partner: How User Expectations and Needs Are Changing IT’s Role

Steven Goriah, VP of IT, CIO & CISO, Westchester Medical Center During the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a lot of focus on digital health, and the potential it had to improve patient care while increasing efficiency. But as leaders take a stock of how their teams responded — and how it… Read More »

Penis Problems: Is Swelling of Testicles Normal? From Torsion to Epididymitis Some Risks You Must Watch out For

When it comes to our genital parts, some of us may often neglect uncomfortable signs and symptoms. One of the most commonly ignored penis problems could be the swelling of one of or both the testicles. Pain in the testicles or swollen testicles shouldn’t be ignored or be dealt with on your own. A user… Read More »

How is b12 absorbed from the diet

Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin. That means it can dissolve in water. B is needed for red blood cells to form, brain and nerve function, and making DNA. Like the other B vitamins, B helps your body make energy. Vitamin B is closely linked with folic acid vitamin B Vitamin B and folic acid… Read More »