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Cat Cora: The First-Ever Female Iron Chef on Women Fitness

Cat Cora is a world-renowned chef, author, restaurateur, contributing editor, television host and personality, avid philanthropist, health and fitness expert, lifestyle entrepreneur and proud mother of six. The Iron-chef has opened more than 18 restaurants across the United States and globally, highlighting her platform on health, wellness, and sustainability. In 2018, she was featured in… Read More »

Celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay reveals the fitness lockdown goals we should be aiming for – ps: they aren’t what you think

With lockdown 3.0 pressuring people to do something epic with their time, celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay shares her advice on realistic lockdown goal setting Learn a new language, lose the lockdown belly, start a business are just some of the ‘goals’ I have seen floating around at the moment encouraging people to make the most… Read More »

Can fitness counter fatness?

In a recent study, researchers attempted to answer the very question posed in the title of this post. Before delving into the findings of this study and how it fits with what we already know about this topic, let’s define some key terms. What do we mean by fitness and fatness? Fitness, also referred to… Read More »

Fitness influencer Heather Robertson on balance, blogs & breakfast

You could say Heather Robertson knows a little about the fitness game. She’s an internationally recognized fitness influencer, model, and highly sought after health and wellness coach. Not to mention, she’s got her own website and blog in which she dishes tips for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as workout plans and programs.… Read More »