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When the term “remedial massage” is used, it is natural to respond with “what is that?” It is a form of massage otherwise referred to as a sports massage. Remedial massage therapy is typically used to relieve a range of ailments or injuries and is performed by a qualified, professional practitioner. It is a form… Read More »

How long is cardiovascular exercise

Through counting your pulse beats, you can measure how many times. In one motion, swing weights back between legs, and as they come forward, squeeze glutes, engage abs, lift torso to stand, and press dumbbells overhead until arms are straight, palms facing each other. Evidence is emerging that sedentary how long is cardiovascular exercise, such… Read More »

Spin bike vs. regular exercise bike: What’s the difference and which one should you use?

by Sofia Alves Cardiovascular exercise is very important for our health, our general wellbeing, our longevity. And while any cardio is good for us, there is still a significant difference between types. Today we will be dealing with the spin bike vs. exercise bike debate. Both of these machines provide excellent cardiovascular exercise, but they… Read More »

The KISS Exercise Method Ideal for Cancer Patients

Research by American Cancer Society supports the idea that KISS exercise is a key component to ensuring a cancer survivor live the best possible life. Clinical evidence has established that exercise is beneficial for prevention, pre-habitation and treatment Basic Guidelines for KISS  The KISS method, including four primary components—kinesiology, interview, strength and support—is a framework… Read More »