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Postpartum psychosis: a diagnosis for the DSMV

In a recent article, Margaret Spinelli, MD describes a proposal to the DSM-V committee of the American Psychiatric Association in 2020 arguing for the inclusion of postpartum psychosis as a unique diagnosis based on the cognitive disorganization that accompanies postpartum psychotic symptoms. The article clearly lays out the rationale for the inclusion of postpartum psychosis… Read More »

Caroline Quentin health: The Strictly star recalls her coeliac disease diagnosis

Born in the swinging sixties, Caroline Quentin has been on the television for decades. Yet, behind the facade, she was struggling with her health until she finally received a diagnosis. After years of ill health, Caroline’s coeliac disease diagnosis came in 2013. “I had frequent nausea, mouth ulcers and skin rashes, and I often had… Read More »

How is acid reflux diagnosis

Such as Mylanta; stricture is commonly caused by continued exposure of the esophagus to stomach acid. Which is a long and flexible tube with a camera on the end, rays are taken after you drink a chalky liquid that coats and fills the inside lining of your digestive tract. Some dental appliances, upper GI Series… Read More »

WHO classifies ‘burnout’ as an official medical diagnosis

Every year, hard-working Americans spend up to $ 190 billion in health care to quell a wide array of symptoms spawned from feelings of depletion, reduced professional efficacy, feelings of negativity and cynicism toward their job and increased mental distance from the profession they may have once treasured. While in years past it may have fallen between… Read More »