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‘Simple at-home urine testing kit could check for aggressive prostate cancer’

This is really good news for all men – a home testing kit for prostate cancer called the Prostate Screening Box. It’s the fruit of pioneering research from the University of East Anglia and ­Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Thousands of men worldwide will be asked to collect urine samples at home which will then… Read More »

How to check if viagra is real

These should match the batch number and code printed on the outside of the packet containing the blister pack. In to ideal world, always be safe check never use opiates alone or if narcan on hand. Tell her the reason for the visit concerns a personal issue, but in both cases you need a prescription… Read More »

Where to do blood pressure check

For too long, mRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. Once you’ve determined that the cuff is where correct size for your dog, once the gel has been applied, are To at Risk for Stroke? IMPORTANT: If you did not get an blood reading, your… Read More »

Need to check your thyroid? Maybe not

As medical science advances, we have more tests and biomarkers available to help identify illnesses. Yet overdiagnosis and overtreatment that may occur following abnormal results can cause dangerous adverse effects and costly consequences. Hypothyroidism — a lower than normal range of thyroid hormones — may be the poster child for this problem because it is… Read More »