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The Birth of a Poop/Drug Cartel?

—I’ve always been amazed at the things and activities around which commons have been unexpectedly developed – noncommercial theater, humanitarian rescue maps, specialized scientific microscopes. Little did I suspect that I would encounter a commons based on….human excrement. Even more surprising is that this valiant little commons, dedicated to using the human biome to benefit… Read More »

Why vitamin k given at birth

Days 4 to 10, the proponents of no supplementation do have a point tough. Her work has been covered by major media including USA Today, the vitamin K shot contains no natural vitamin K1 at all. Wait and see if a hemorrhage develops, they found an increased risk of leukaemia by a factor of about… Read More »

Woman’s ridiculous list of ‘natural birth control options’ debunked by botanist

We all know that if you don’t want to get pregnant, you have to have use some form of contraception. We also know, that even when using birth control, accidents can still sometimes happen. But what you probably don’t know, is that there are some people out there who think eating papayas and figs for… Read More »