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These 4 Athletes Are the Future of Their Sports

The prototypical standard of what makes an elite athlete might be morphing. Conventional thinking will have you believe that success in sports will come when one side is bigger and stronger than the competition—but there’s more to winning games, matches, and races than overwhelming force. Since today’s high-level sports stars are starting to target more… Read More »

Modified paleo diet for athletes

Based on a book by Dr. Loren Cordain, the paleo diet’s approach to weight-loss involves whole foods nutrition. The diet focuses on foods that have been a part of the human diet for the length of human history and eliminates foods that have only been a part of our diet for the past 75 years.… Read More »

What is an athletes diet for a day

The expert panel in the Nutrition Today report notes that research consistently shows that 0. Learn why and how you should Although some studies find that caffeine may help adults perform better in endurance sports, other studies show too much caffeine may hurt. It’s hard to run when there’s a lot of water sloshing around… Read More »