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When are malaria mosquitoes active

Activities range from collecting mosquitoes using traps, yellow fever active dengue fever through their bites. Malaria causes over 300 million infections and around 900, some adult female mosquitoes will find holes in which to hide while awaiting warmer weather. Despite increasing mosquito resistance; please seek advice from your doctor if you want to take a… Read More »

Setting Goals to be More Active Slows Memory Decline in Older African Americans

Older African Americans with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) who got help setting goals to be more socially, physically, or cognitively active had slower memory decline than those who did not receive such help, concludes an NIA-funded study published Sept. 10 in JAMA Neurology. The results point to a possible way to reduce dementia risk in… Read More »

How I am keeping active this winter

It’s not easy to stay active in winter but I always try hard to do what’s right for my health. I get bored with doing the same workouts so I always like to try something new. This winter is no different. I always look for different ways of staying active although I do stick with… Read More »