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“Seniors Will Never Embrace Telehealth” And Other False Assumptions About American Healthcare

Before the COVID19 pandemic, one common stereotype was that seniors would never adopt tele-health. … [+] That’s been proven wrong. (Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images) picture alliance via Getty Images Who would have thought that a global pandemic would have been the stimulus we needed to radically accelerate the transition to digital… Read More »

The truth about high protein diets

Unfortunately, high GI foods make up the bulk of carbohydrates in the average American diet. Athletes need a more balanced diet to increase their energy stores, and high-protein diets are generally high in fat and low in carbohydrates. December 30, TapouT performance sports drinks are engineered to rehydrate much better than water and other sports… Read More »

Feelings about the keto diet

For more specific info and recommendations, check out our guide on how to remedy the keto flu. In one study, rats that were put on a keto diet moved around more compared to a control group low physical activity is considered a marker of depression. Also, make sure to eat plenty of healthy low-carb veggies,… Read More »