Slow metabolizer and diet of proteins

By | August 4, 2020

slow metabolizer and diet of proteins

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This may come as a shock, but simply eating lean protein can help boost your metabolism. Protein requires more calories to digest compared to other macros. For example, it takes more calories for the body to digest a lean piece of fish compared to a small baked potato. Your body burns more calories by processing the food. The scientific term for this is thermogenesis. Protein also helps build and support the maintenance of muscle in the body. Well, the more muscle your body hosts, the higher your resting metabolic rate baseline calories burned at rest. Plus, protein helps stabilize blood sugar, which in turn helps prevent insulin spikes in the body.

The metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy is referred to as oxidation. Energy is formed and released at different stages during two cycles — glycolysis and the Citric acid cycle. To get the most energy out of foods, both cycles need to work at the right rate. Both fast and slow oxidizers suffer from inefficient energy production, but for opposite biochemical reasons. Your oxidation rate is influenced by both genetics and by your diet. Thus, what you eat affects your rate of oxidation and energy production which in turn affects your mental, emotional, behavioral, and in some cases, physical characteristics. Generally speaking, the characteristics of slow oxidation tend to be of the alkaline, hypo-active quality. Slow oxidizers tend to have very little appetite, an aversion to heavy proteins and fats, low but steady energy levels, depression, digestive problems due to lack of hydrochloric acid production, calcium deposits, poor fat metabolism, apathy, lethargy, repressed emotions, introversion, belching, pre-mature aging, and often feel cold. High intensity, short duration exercise is poorly tolerated and for the slow oxidizer needs to be of low intensity and long duration aerobic.

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