Scope Pro-tech Coming Out to Protect Endoscope Tips

By | May 22, 2019

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Meditech Endoscopy, a company out of Essex, England, just won FDA clearance for its Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector. The device is designed to protect the optics found on the tips of endoscopes while they’re in storage or when they’re moved from place to place.

The design of the Scope Pro-tech is such that air can come in and out of the endoscope’s channels, preventing any moisture build-up that can help to host pathogens. An array of protruding wings helps to avoid any direct contact between the endoscope tip and anything else.

Olympus has signed up to be the distributor of the Scope Pro-tech since the company already makes and distributes a variety of endoscopes all over the world. The firm hopes that the availability of the Scope Pro-tech will reduce amount of endoscopes that are damaged and that have to be sent in for repair. This will hopefully save clinics money while reducing the chances of not having a working scope on hand.

The device is single-use, has a special clean tab on the back to prevent its reuse on other endoscopes, and is available in two sizes (ProTech S for scopes 2.75mm to 8mm in diameter and the ProTech L for scopes 8.75mm to 14.75mm in diameter) to fit most scopes.

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