Plums and Peaches can play a vital role in preventing cancer? (Best Ways)

By | September 2, 2018

Researchers deeply observed the antioxidants and phytonutrients in plums and found them to equal or exceed those in the blueberry — a dominant fruit earlier considered superior to other fruits in those categories. The next phase was to understand if these antioxidants had any anticancer properties. They selected breast cancer, as it is one of the most common cancers for women. The W.H.O informs that due to breast cancer 16% of women died globally.

Many world-renowned and expert doctors in nutritional healing, guide patients in this revolutionary approach combining modern science with nature’s herbs, vitamins and nutrients: Even major TV networks like ABC NEWS, CBS Evening News and NBC’s  has shown different programs on this theory. Many doctors emphasized on natural remedies in place of drugs, and provide  information on using foods and supplements to heal.

 Many researchers researched on used extracts from two daily fruits: the peach; and the plum. The extracts destroyed even the most destructive cancer cell, but left healthy cells alone, which is very significant and benefitted. Generally in regular chemotherapy, healthy cells are killed along with cancerous ones, causing serious side effects.

 A closer observation confirmed that two specific phenols — chlorogenic and neochlorogenic — were responsible for this target destruction. Both of them are easily available in fruits, the researchers said, but then again stone fruits such as plums and peaches have especially great levels. 

One of the  team declared that laboratory tests also proved that the compounds prevented cancer from growing in animals as well. The researchers need to see how these compounds could be combined into the growing of peaches and plums.

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Best Ways to Prevent Cancer

Specific cancer-fighting foods and other healthy lifestyles can radically lower your cancer risk

• Clean your tap water  

• Stop topping your tank  

• First marinate your meat before cooking. 

• Caffeinate daily  

• Reduce your risk  

• Fill up on green greens  

• Include Brazil nuts in your Snacks. 

• Avoid the dry cleaner  

• Examine breast density  

• Stop cell phone risks  

• Stop cancer with color  

• Pick a doctor with a past  

• Have clean foods  

• Do a folic acid check  

• Increase your calcium intake  

• Constrain whole grains  

• Take notice of any pain  

• Avoid needless scans  

• Keep your body shaped with a balanced diet.

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