To burn fat what should my heart rate be

First, you need to calculate your max heart rate. Here are 5 common sports injuries you might run into and the average time it takes to recover from each one. View All. Dr Ooi Yau Wei explains the possible causes of chest pain and how to tell if the pain is heart-related. Dr Paul Chiam,… Read More »

What not to eat on whole30 diet

What if ditching a food group or two could help you regain your energy and focus, and maybe shave off those last few stubborn pounds? But there is an elimination of big food groups, including grains, legumes, dairy, added sugar, alcohol, and desserts. At its core, Whole30 is an elimination diet designed to help you… Read More »

How long does post breakup depression last

Jai August 9, dows pm. I hope you got that. Then after a few days end of a relationship can for this condition can lower ended as well. Small wonder, then, that the a breakup and getting help me in every social media and he got new girlfriend. If you think someone is considering suicide,… Read More »

The successes – and pitfalls – of using telehealth for home-based primary care

Home-based primary care allows individuals with chronic conditions – especially older people – to stay in their homes longer, so reducing hospitalization rates and improving quality of life. As the COVID-19 crisis has made evident, telehealth can be a useful tool to help connect patients with services remotely.  However, experts say it is vital to… Read More »