Today is the day you’ll have to die

She was listless in bed with agonal breathing — only 63 years old. Before stage 4 colon cancer claimed my mother, she chose to come home to her house … her bedroom, where she’d stare out her window at the dogwood trees that symbolized the blood of Jesus. A once-vibrant Italian Catholic and mother of… Read More »

ICUs are nearing capacity in this French city. And it’s only September

That’s how Dr. Olivier Joannes-Boyau, head of the intensive care unit at University Hospital in the southwestern city of Bordeaux, describes the resurgence of Covid-19 in France. After young French people took advantage of the lifting of lockdown and summer months to socialize freely, Covid-19 hospitalizations have risen in large cities like Paris, Bordeaux and… Read More »

Forty years a survivor

I wrote this post originally for a Facebook group for long-term survivors of HIV, partly in response to comments that implied that calling yourself a long-term survivor was to claim a kind of special status. Saturday 5 June, a date now enshrined as HIV Long Term Survivors’ Awareness Day, was the 40th anniversary of the… Read More »