Zombie health care news

Although I am advancing rapidly into almost complete retirement, there are some days/weeks when I can’t refrain from pointing out some of the troubling health care news I see.  This is one such week. First, the COVID zombie news My local Star Tribune newspaper delivered this front page news: University of Minnesota, Mayo report COVID-fighting success… Read More »

I’m a Queer and Disabled Activist, and I’m Fighting for a More Inclusive Pride

Spencer West, a disabled and queer activist, is proud of himself. It’s not his success that defines him, though opening for Demi Lovato’s 2014 World Tour as a keynote speaker and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (raising half a million dollars for clean water in East Africa, BTW) are some pretty powerful feats. Rather, it’s his role… Read More »

Nature Photography Day 2021: Five Tips To Take Spectacular Shots of Nature In Celebration Of This Day

Each year on June 15th, The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) along with millions of photographers and photography enthusiasts celebrate Nature Photography Day. While photographers at large observe this day, this day is also special for folks who’ve carved out their niche in the nature photography realm. This particular type of photography has amassed… Read More »