10 Proven Health Benefits of Potatoes

1. Do potatoes make you fat? Potatoes are one of the foods that are generally shunned by people trying to manage their weight, but research has determined that there is no evidence to suggest an association between eating potatoes and risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes. Research has also demonstrated that people… Read More »

High fat high protein diet what to eat

I strongly recommend taking a listen to this podcast with Nancy Clark, to hear why I changed my mind. Well, hopefully by now you know that I do share more than any other female elite or male for that matter. I took a few weeks to reign it back in, but now I am back… Read More »

Cops on park patrol hunting picnickers

Victorians have been partly released from their homes this week but new rules mean a gathering of six people in the park could cost almost $ 30,000 — almost $ 5000 for each person. From yesterday, changes to Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions mean that five people from two households are able to legally gather outside together.… Read More »

Amy Coney Barrett’s healthcare record to face heavy scrutiny

With healthcare and the fate of Obamacare being significant election issues and Democrats scrambling for a way to stop Judge Amy Coney Barrett from joining the Supreme Court, Barrett’s position on the healthcare law, known as the Affordable Care Act, will likely be front-and-center at her confirmation hearing. Democratic members of Congress and presidential nominee… Read More »