Not feeling well while vegan diet

By | August 24, 2020

not feeling well while vegan diet

Maybe you just got over a cold and never felt like you recovered. And finding the answer to your problem can feel very overwhelming and hopeless all at the same time, leaving you stuck in the mud and possibly spinning tires. Am I doing the right thing? I think this is a natural response and honestly, not something you should beat yourself up over. How many of these former vegans tried reevaluating what they were consuming on a daily basis? Just no.

In recent months the plant-based community has been rocked by a number of ‘influencers’ revealing that they have gone back to eating meat, dairy, and eggs, blaming the negative health impact of their diets. But according to a group of the world’s leading plant-based doctors, a diet free from all animal products can be one of healthiest around. These doctors tackle some of the most common questions around vegan diets – and give their expert advice on health. Did you hear your friend complaining about the lack of vitamin B on a plant-based diet? Here are some facts that can help to guide you and your friend to robust health following plant-based nutrition.

Note: this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for recommendations related to your individual situation. Some of the common questions and concerns include. If any of these issues related to you, then read on! Plus, be sure to read the section at the end of this post to help determine if dietary changes may be necessary to help resolve your tiredness. Believe it or not, but the most common reason for fatigue is poor sleep, or not getting enough sleep. I went through a period of several months where I would go to bed at a normal time, but wake up only hours lately completely awake. So, rather than toss and turn for hours, I would get up but then be exhausted later in the day. Whether you have insomnia like I had, or you have sleep apnea, hormone imbalances, or something else that is causing sleep disruptions, it is important to address this issue.

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