Nature Photography Day 2021: Five Tips To Take Spectacular Shots of Nature In Celebration Of This Day

By | June 15, 2021

Each year on June 15th, The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) along with millions of photographers and photography enthusiasts celebrate Nature Photography Day. While photographers at large observe this day, this day is also special for folks who’ve carved out their niche in the nature photography realm. This particular type of photography has amassed quite a few ardent followers who snap pictures of nature, to express their awe by capturing picturesque shots of beautiful landscapes encompassed in beautiful flora and fauna. This day encourages people everywhere to appreciate nature and its wonders in its entirety.

Taking awe-inspiring shots of wildlife, landscapes that would someday make the cover of a magazine is no easy feat. It takes laser-like precision, patience and sharp skills to snap ethereal photographs that will take your breath away.  Every image we take should inspire us to care for our surroundings and preserve them for future generations. Here are tips that will help you take spectacular shots of nature that might just end up in a gallery someday.

Steady Hand

Taking pictures, any picture requires a steady hand. If you are prone to nervous shakes ensure that you carry a tripod for extra support and a blur-free image. If you don’t own a tripod, don’t fret because all you need is a flat surface to balance the camera. So a book or any flat article should suffice in your photography endeavour.

Right Lens

Photography is all about choosing the right lens. Nature photography is all about the long lens. A longer focal length will enable you to keep your distance from the wildlife so as to not scare them away and take beautiful shots of these lovely creatures in their natural habitat. For stunning shots, a macro lens is your friend. It magnifies every tiny attribute of your subject and captures every single detail in its purest form.

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Natural Lights

This is an old school technique that still stands the test of time. Natural light produces the best shots. The period between the Sunrise and Sunsets is touted as the ideal time to take stunning photographs, as it eliminates shadows.

Focus on the Subject

In nature shots, the plant, animal or the hill becomes the main protagonist of your lens. Ensure that you focus on the subject and blur out the surroundings. For this, you should opt for a wider lens aperture – an actual hole through which light enters the lens.

Know Your Equipment

In this day and age, you don’t need a fancy camera to take spectacular photos. Investing in an expensive camera while ideal for professionals is not precisely necessary for avid nature photography enthusiasts. Use what you have even if it’s a phone camera. Just take a lot of pf pictures to improve your skills in photography. Get familiar with your equipment and you’ll be snapping stunning pictures like a pro.

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