Living a mindful lifestyle the healthy way

By | June 29, 2018

With the very fast pace of life these days it has become even more important to to ensure that we do not get drawn into an unhealthy lifestyle. We can find ourselves making bad dietary choices or even to tired to go to the gym or a yoga and meditation class, all because we have become tressed out and to involved in that dead line or something similar. And before long we begin to wonder why life is spiralling out of control and just seems to get worse as each day passes. This is of course what we call, modern day living.

Learning mindful meditation practices can take as little as three minutes of your time each day. In these three minutes you are giving yourself the chance to pause and come into the moment, so that you can gain these three minutes back. Being mindful is not a complicated things to do as all we have to do is choose something to focus on that is here now and not in the past or in the future which is where the majority of humanity spends it’s time. 

So you might ask what is here and what is not? The body, the breath, sounds are existing in this moment only and if we turn our attention towards one of these things then pretty soon the stress begins to melt away and what was a very busy mind, suddenly becomes a little quieter. What you have just gained is three minutes of your life back as well as developing the ability to just pause and allow life to continue, while you die, just for a moment. When we spend more moment mindfully then suddenly the choices that we make become a lot more healthy and beneficial. 

Living a mindful life is not an easy path to begin with, if we have been running away from the things that have hurt us in the past or we are keeping busy because the future is fraught with fear and anxiety, then all of these thing are going to come up. A lot of our energy is caught up in past memories of maybe, regret or shame and possibly guilt. This is incredibly draining when you take into account the energy that you need to live a healthy and vibrant life. 

One of the main practices of any meditation is the development of an attitude, an attitude of kindness, self love and compassion towards one’s self. We all have bad thoughts and memories but we cannot change the past but can change our attitude towards it. Learning to live a mindful life does generally mean going on a course, such as the one at yoga evolution retreats where you spend a week or two with teacher who are expert in their field and understand the methods of all practices and how they are applied.

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Remember as human being we are here to feel the world and not just think about it or get lost in thoughts or thinking about the world. We only have each breath and each moment and showing ourselves a little love now and again will really boost self esteem. This will lead us into a place of mindful living and also expand into making those healthy choices as our heads are not always full of things.