How to move house stress-free

By | March 23, 2019
Many hands: If you plan ahead, stay organised and have many helping hands, then moving day will be somewhat stress-free.

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Many hands: If you plan ahead, stay organised and have many helping hands, then moving day will be somewhat stress-free.

There’s no denying that moving house can be a real pain. The reality of having to pack up everything you own can be daunting, and without proper planning, the day of the move can become very stressful. The equipment experts at Kennards Hire have put together a couple of top tips to help you plan for your big move.

Don’t face it alone

The saying ‘many hands make light work’ is definitely true when it comes to moving. So why not make a day out of it and gather up a group of friends to help you out? Create a playlist to have some killer tunes in the background while you’re hard at work, an esky filled with thirst quenchers and some snacks to nibble on.

Use what you’ve got

To transport household items make use of the things you already own like suitcases, duffel bags and laundry baskets. For dishware and other breakables, use blankets, pillow cases, or towels to wrap your fragile belongings before putting them into boxes.

Purge as you pack

Don’t wait until moving day to get rid of all the things you don’t plan on taking to the new place. While you’re packing, create four piles: keep, donate, sell and throw – this way you will have a clear idea of what needs to be packed and what needs to be gone before moving day.

If you’re downsizing and have a lot bulky items to get rid of, organise a skip bin or council pick up to make your life a little easier. Charities are also often in need of good quality second-hand clothing and furniture, so be sure to check out community groups in your local area before deciding to throw away your belongings.

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The right gear

Create a list of equipment you’ll need for the big move. If you’re looking to attach a trailer to your vehicle, a caged trailer is ideal for larger items such as fridges and an enclosed trailer offers better protection from the elements, plus it’s lockable.

While you may not need a trailer if you’ve decided to book a ute, van or truck, trolleys are a must-have, and Kennards Hire has a great range available. As stairs can present quite the challenge when moving, a six-wheeled hand trolley lets you manually transport objects up and down stairs easily.

Organisation is key

You’ll be surprised by how much being organised helps make moving into a new place much easier. By simply labelling or colour coding boxes with the room they belong in, you’ll be able to start unpacking straight away instead of moving boxes again.

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