How to avoid layered effect when using false eyelashes

By | August 31, 2018

It has some tips to avoid layered impact when working with false eyelashes. Today, let me demonstrate the secret of wearing bogus eyelashes, which can let your true and wrong eyelashes present perfect arc, and can not be split into two layers.Will introduce the cheap mink lashes which can stay away from the layered effect.

Step one 1: Aerosol the eyelashes on the eyelashes and squirt the eyelashes to dry
Different from the usual motion of eyelash, prior to the eyelash in the pillow of the cushion aerosol on the eyelash fixed spray, be sure you spray spray in every place of the cushion, then put one side a d put it off it to be dry.

cheap eyelashes
Step two 2: Pruning the length of the false eyelash and the multiple stems of the attention
First bend the wrong eyelash hard, so the wear more in line with the eye type, then, from the length from the eye 0.5 centimeters, get started to compare the space, and then reduce the false eyelash tail excess part; in addition, we ought to pay attention to the head of the hard stem also need to be take off, so as never to piercing the eyelid to cause uncomfortableness.


Step three 3: Three section eyelash can strengthen the eyelash root after cutting off the false eyelash
the squirt on the eyelash clip also dried out, can be three portion clip method, to clamp up our eyelashes, in the root position, can strengthen the strength, in addition, because the eyelash has been sprayed on the eyelash set apply, so, so that eyelashes can be more long and much longer to maintain longer.
Step 4: Use just a little glue before and after false eyelashes to avoid deteriorating after 1 / 2 dry

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Next, as well as the glue in addition to quick action, in the false eyelashes before and after the stalk, can be more a little of glue, so that the eye, eyeball tail part is not easy to show up off, after 50 % dried up glue can be worn.

real mink eyelash

Step 5: The bogus eyelashes should be stuck in the eyelashes to make the eyelashes not drooping
When wearing false eyelashes, the stem must be placed to the root of the eyelash, set from the attention, and then your false eyelashes of the sight and sight are stuck in the attention fold in order to make the eyelashes more curling rather than drooping. Finally, use eyelash curler to clip eyelashes once, so that the true and fake eyelashes are more tightly combined.

Step 6: Fixed mascara clean on the upper and lower eyelashes
Some people wear mascara after the false eyelashes, easy to create caking, unnatural situation, so, wearing a good false eyelash, as long as the utilization of fixed mascara, Z type, respectively, in the ciliary surface, the low position, can allow eyelashes natural close together!

false eyelash
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