How Hemp CBD Can Help Save Lives vs Traditional Prescribed Medication and Surgery By Dana Gilliland

By | September 7, 2018

To answer this we must understand the Endocannabinoid System. In the last 25 Years, research on Marijuana’s effects led directly to the discovery of heretofore unknown chemical communication system in the human body, the Endocannabinoid system. We have naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. We have these receptors in our body because our body is constantly making its own cannabinoid. Basically, the Endocannabinoid system is responsible for Homeostasis, which is the bodies ability to maintain itself; a self regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival. Doctors think that many people may be suffering from an Endocannabinoid imbalance known as Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency or CED. People suffering from CED may benefit from supplementing with cannabinoid such as CBD. CBD is not marijuana, it is a non-THC Hemp product!

Moreover, Doctors are finding out that by manipulating this Endocannabinoid System using CBD can control diabetes, control cancer, and even control whether or not you would survive a heart attack or stroke. It has been stated by medical professionals that more lives will be saved by manipulation of the Endocannabinoid System than by surgery.

There are 80+ cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, the second most dominant one besides THC is Cannabidiol or CBD. This could be the most exciting medical research trend around the world. CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive or high as associated with THC, but has many health benefits, including ant-seizure and anti-epileptic. Also, there are anti-anxiety benefits as well. As a result, this of course would affect one’s mood, energy, and everyday happiness.

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Below is a list of the benefits of CBD:

Diabetes: Helps maintain (or supports) healthy blood sugar regulation OR use as a part of your diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Heart Attack: Supports optimal cardiovascular health OR function

Obesity: Weight loss OR helps promote healthy weight

Psoriasis/Eczema: Promotes Healthy skin OR provides hydration

Arthritis: Joint discomfort OR stiffness associated with over use or over-exertion OR helps support cartilage and joint function.

Cancer or Lung Disease: Supports optimal immune function OR helps maintain a healthy immune system OR maintains healthy lung function

Chronic Fatigue: Promotes healthy energy levels

Insomnia: For the relief of occasional sleeplessness OR promotes/supports sound sleep

Crohn’s Disease: Promotes health digestion OR supports optimal digestive function

High Cholesterol: Supports healthy cholesterol levels OR helps maintain healthy cholesterol

Preventive Against the Development of Cancer: Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals, which in turn, reduces the incidence of cellular degeneration OR promotes optimal cellular health and functionality

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