Heartbreaking photo of boy killed by flu

By | July 3, 2019

The grieving family of a toddler who tragically died after contracting a deadly influenza virus have shared a heartbreaking photo of their little boy.

Little Elijah Huynh who was just two years old bravely fought the deadly flu but by the end he couldn’t even breathe on his own, with his fragile body giving in to the virus.

His family posted pictures to a GoFundMe page dedicated to his memory which shows the “beautiful” boy looking helpless as he is hooked to tubes.

“Although his life was cut short at just over two years old, the memories he gave us will be cherished for a lifetime,” the family wrote on the fundraising page.

Elijah tragically died after contracting a deadly influenza virus that has killed hundreds of people across the country amid an outbreak.

The toddler from Pilbara in Western Sydney, died at Perth Children’s Hospital on Tuesday after being diagnosed with the influenza A virus.

He is the 42nd person to die from it in the state this year. That’s compared to four at the same time last year.

“It comes with great sadness and heavy hearts to announce that Elijah David Huynh has sadly passed away,” his uncle Derryn wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“The devastating effects of the influenza A virus spread like wildfire overnight and without any warning signs.

“A valiant effort by the crew at Karratha Health Campus, Royal Flying Doctors and Perth Children’s Hospital kept him around long enough for his immediate family to be with him but in the end there wasn’t anything done that could have saved him.”

The heartbreaking message revealed Elijah had recently become a brother to a baby girl.

“His beautiful cheeky smile will be missed by his mum Bec, dad Dave and how much he adored his new sister who entered into the world a few months ago,” the page read.

“Elijah is now with our loved ones flying high and watching over us in times of sadness.”

The fundraiser was set up for the family to help pay for medical and funeral costs.

More than $ 17,000 has been raised, of the $ 25,000 goal.

Dave and Rebecca Huynh often shared their love for their son on Facebook and had celebrated his second birthday just one month before tragedy struck.

“Because of you son, we have been reaping the rewards as well as the gains of purest love there can ever be. We love you and may you have a wonderful birthday celebration. Still can’t believe you’re two 2 already,” Mr Huynh wrote on June 3.

Mr Huynh has since posted a series of heartbroken Facebook posts.

“Have never felt so helpless in my life,” he wrote on Monday, just hours before Elijah’s death.

His most recent status was posted on Wednesday morning: “When life just feels like a constant nightmare.”

The flu has killed more than 220 people and infected more than 100,000 across Australia this year, with authorities warning the peak of the flu season is yet to come.

At least 228 people have died from flu-related complications around the country, with the number of cases rising each week and tracking significantly higher than last year, according to data from Australian states and territories. In NSW, seven people died in the week ending June 23, bringing the total number of flu-related deaths to 57 — the highest in the country.

Dr Vicky Sheppeard, NSW Health Director of Communicable Disease, said flu outbreaks in aged-care facilities were to blame for the most recent deaths, with 12 confirmed influenza outbreaks reported this week.

“The elderly are highly vulnerable to influenza and the flu jab is critical to reducing the risk of visitors catching the virus and bringing it into aged-care homes,” Dr Sheppeard said in a statement.

“The flu season is already making its impact felt around the country, with more patients presenting to NSW emergency departments so far in 2019 than in any other six-month period.” More than 27,000 cases have been reported in NSW since January, while more than 22,000 cases were reported to the Victorian health department, followed by more than 18,500 cases each in South Australia and Queensland.

In Victoria, there have been 48 flu-related deaths reported, according to figures released on Friday.

One of the victims, a 43-year-old from Gippsland, died on Sunday after battling the virus for a week.

James Day was an otherwise healthy hospital worker but the flu “hit him and his body quite hard”, according to a GoFundMe fundraising website for his wife Jennifer and son Jackson.

Victoria’s acting chief health officer Angie Bone said Mr Day’s death was a harsh reminder even healthy, vaccinated people can succumb to the flu. “It really highlights the importance of all of us taking basic protective measures,” Dr Bone told reporters on Thursday.

The latest figures show 44 flu-related deaths reported in South Australia, with 38 people killed in Queensland and 36 deaths in Western Australia. The ACT Health department reported fewer than five influenza-associated deaths, with the exact figure withheld for privacy reasons, a spokeswoman told AAP. Dr Richard Kidd, chair of the Australian Medical Association Council of General Practice, said it wasn’t too late to get vaccinated ahead of peak season. “We’re having one of our worst seasons so far … we expect the peak will come between July and September,” he told AAP.

“Influenza is nothing like the common cold, it’s serious and can be lethal.” Authorities have urged anyone with flu-like symptoms to stay home and follow basic hygiene practices.

“It’s their duty not to spread it around,” Dr Kidd said.

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