Hannah Ann Sluss: American Television Personality, Model, And Beauty Pageant Competitor Reveals Her Workout, Diet And Success Story

By | June 7, 2020

Hannah Ann Sluss is an American television personality, model, and beauty pageant competitor. She received national recognition for being the winner of season 24 of The Bachelor, featuring Peter Weber.

She is a former beauty pageant contestant and finished as first runner-up in the 2015 Miss Tennessee Teen USA competition. She also served as Miss North Knoxville and placed first runner up in the 2018 Miss Tennessee USA competition. In 2018, she appeared in country singer Chris Lane’s music video I Don’t Know About You. She has also been featured in print ads for Sonic Drive-In and Downy.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Hannah Ann Sluss is an American television personality, model, and beauty pageant competitor to talk about the secret to success, diet, and exercise routine.

Namita Nayyar:

A healthy morning ritual that you follow every single day?

Hannah Ann Sluss:

A healthy morning ritual that I follow every single day is drinking celery juice on an empty stomach. I swear by it! It helps me with bloating and has really cleared up my skin. My favorite is Suja Organic celery juice- my fridge is stocked with it.

 Namita Nayyar:

You worked as a model and competed in beauty pageants before joining the cast of The Bachelor season 24. Then how did The Bachelor happen?

Hannah Ann Sluss:

I began my modelling career when I was 16 years old by entering a model search for Varsity, which is a company that designs cheer and dance uniforms. I didn’t want to tell my parents that I was applying for a model search, so I bribed my little sister, Haley, to take pictures of me. My sister and I had no idea what we were supposed to be doing so we took pictures in front of my garage door. Great spot right?

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I submitted the photos we took and a month later my Mom got a phone call that I got the modelling job. I guess I should have given her a heads up… oops! Anyways, that’s where it all began and from there I entered pageants as a fun way to meet friends and be a part of something positive. I was the first runner up to Miss Tennessee Teen USA and first runner up to Miss Tennessee USA. I guess I couldn’t break the “runner up curse” but I really enjoyed the connections I made.

I applied for The Bachelor last summer because I had the biggest crush on Peter at the time. My friend Hannah Godwin was on Colton’s season and had a great experience so I wanted to give it a shot. It was definitely a leap of faith but I’m so glad I got the experience.

Namita Nayyar:

Exercises that are an integral part of your workout routine? Five must-do mornings stretches? Define what relaxation means to you.

Hannah Ann Sluss:

I absolutely love running! I’ve taken this time during quarantine to train for a half marathon. I also enjoy taking long walks with Bala ankle weights. I really like to integrate P.Volve into my workout routine because it’s low impact and perfect for sculpting. Five must-do morning stretches would be a downward dog, child’s pose, side oblique stretch, and single-leg stretch. Relaxation to me means getting to a place where I can enjoy freedom from stress and feel at peace with exactly where I am at that moment.

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