Finding the right and most supportive desk chair for you

By | October 12, 2018

It wouldn’t make sense to buy an uncomfortable pair of shoes that you’re going to be wearing a lot, or drive your car with a seat that’s not adjusted to suit your body, yet many people opt to buy a desk chair because its cheap, looks good or for some reason other than how comfortable it is. The main reason anyone who wants to look after their back should consider when buying a chair is whether or not it will correctly support their spine and whether or not it’s ergonomically designed.

Ergonomic design isn’t just a marketing term, and it’s not pseudo-science, it’s a very effective design principle based on years of scientific research. Just like anyone whose job involves heavy lifting should be careful when lifting heavy objects an office worker should be careful in the selection in their desk chair, if they do in fact have any say in the matter.

Everybody’s been there. You’re new at the office and someone gets you a spare chair because you’re desk doesn’t have one. Often uncomfortable and limited in their adjustment options old office chairs past their prime or which weren’t that good to begin with are putting your body at risk. Long-term back injuries for which there’s no easy cure except a constant diet of pain pills and repetitive strain injuries that are a nuisance if you’re at work or at play are all problems that can stem from a bad desk chair.

A proper ergonomic chair will allow its user to adjust the height of the backrest, the angle of the backrest, the height of the armrests and the distance between them. The number of levers and things to be adjusted can be intimidating when checking out an ergonomic chair in the office superstore but by learning how to accurately adjust the chair and taking the time to make sure it’s adjusted for your body can make a huge difference.

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Even if you’re not an office worker, and just spend a long time in front of a computer in your leisure time it can be a worthwhile investment. Ergonomic chairs are often seen as a luxury item and not worth spending out on. Or people think of an ergonomic chair and think of the knee rest style that was popularised in the 1970s.

Human beings weren’t designed to spend a long time in front of a computer and a desk chair that’s not been adjusted for your body is one that’s putting an unnatural strain on your back. Any ergonomic chair is the right chair for you as long as it’s been properly adjusted.

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