Easy New Year’s Resolutions to Kick-Start Your Health

By | January 9, 2020

kick-start your health
Kick-start your health journey this year!

Welcome to 2020! This isn’t just the start to the New Year, it’s the start of a brand new decade! That milestone has many of us vowing to get healthy and make our lives the best they can possibly be. So, how do we do that? We have some tips to get you started.

What is Healthy?

Many of us make a New Years resolution to “get healthy,” but what does that actually mean? Well, experts define health as “a state of complete emotional and physical well-being.” So, if you vow to lose extra weight in 2020, but you’re not working on your emotional health at the same time, can you really say that your are “getting healthy?”

To really be completely “healthy,” you need to focus on your whole health. Essentially these three areas:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health

When all three areas combined are working properly, you will finally, truly be aligned. You will have more energy, your head will be clear, you will feel less anxious, and ultimately you will be living a better life.

Physical Health

When you achieve physical health, it means that all your bodily functions are working exactly as they should and you are not suffering from symptoms of disease or illness.  To achieve physical health, here are some things you should focus on:

  • Regular Exercise – You should aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. If you are athletic and can exercise more without over-stressing your body, do it. Physical exercise should be enjoyable without causing unnecessary pain and wear on you muscles, joints, or cardiovascular system.
  • Healthy, Balanced Diet – You should eat whole, clean foods from each of the food groups, and take a high quality multivitamin each day. Avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and too much caffeine. You should also pay close attention to your gut health, by adding a probiotic to your daily supplement routine.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep – On average, healthy adults are encouraged to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Enough rest if vital to achieving overall health.
  • Preventative Care – Seeing a doctor regularly for checkups is a big factor in maintaining overall physical health. Other everyday preventative measures include proper hygiene, washing your hands, and practicing safe sex. You should also try to avoid smoking, vaping or tobacco of any kind, alcohol, and illegal drugs.
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Mental Health

You may be physically healthy, but if your mental health isn’t in check, you are not healthy overall. There are many factors in a person’s mental health, and some can be hard to control. Ideally, here are some of the things you should focus on:

Reduce Stress – Stress is a major cause of depression and anxiety, both mental disturbances that can affect our overall health. The good news is that you can take steps everyday to lower the amount of stress in your life. Here are a few you can try:

  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Deep Breathing
  • Essential Oils
  • Letting Go of Toxic Jobs or Relationships

Manage Anxiety and Depression – Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression that aren’t resolving on their own, or are occurring frequently and lasting long periods of time. A natural supplement such as St. John’s Wort may help with these issues.

Emotional Health

Emotional health refers to how in control you are with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. How you react to certain situations tells a lot about the state of your emotional health. Are you able to stay positive and bounce back from setbacks? Some ways you can improve your emotional health include:

  • Be Aware of Your Emotions – Notice what types of things make you happy, angry, sad or frustrated. Track your behaviors and reactions when faced with these situations and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Communicate – If something bothers you, talk to the person or persons involved. Keeping emotions inside can damage your emotional health.
  • Stop and Think – Before you get angry, or react to certain situations, stop and think about why you are having those feelings. Controlling impulsivity can have a major impact on your happiness and relationships with others.
  • Make Time for Fun – Be sure to schedule in the things that make you happy each day. Connect with friends, get outside in the fresh air, or enjoy a massage or yoga class. 
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Being completely healthy doesn’t mean just focusing on one area. Strive to be the best you in every way this year, and every year to come. Good luck!

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