50 Interesting Sex Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

By | January 22, 2019

You can break a penis

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Getting a penile fracture is a real thing that can and does happen, says. It’s relatively rare but it’s worth talking about as there are things you can do to protect against this injury. “The highest risk of fractures to the penis occurs when the couple changes position while the erect penis is still inside the vagina,” he explains. “If you are interested in changing position I advise you to fully withdraw the penis from the vagina first.” Extremely aggressive pumping can also sometimes lead to a penis fracture, so take it easy there, cowboy, he adds.

Sexting can improve your relationship

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Sending steamy messages and pictures to your significant other increases not only your sexual satisfaction but also your overall happiness in your relationship, says Emily Stasko, MS, MPH, lead author of a study on the impacts of sexting on relationships. “We found a robust relationship between sexting and sexual and relationship satisfaction,” Stasko said. However, for people who identified in the study as single sexting seemed to decrease their sexual satisfaction, indicating that it might be harmful in establishing a happy relationship but helpful in maintaining one.

A cucumber is not a sex toy

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Silicone, steel, Pyrex, glass, or specially laminated wood are the only materials that are actually safe for use inside your body, according to a Yale review. (Pyrex, not just for casserole dishes anymore?) Toys made with vinyl, latex or a combination of these with other plastics (for example, a silicone-jelly mix) are not considered to be safe for skin contact and should only be used with a condom, researchers added. Don’t miss these foods that kill your sex drive.

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