Cat Cora: The First-Ever Female Iron Chef on Women Fitness

Cat Cora is a world-renowned chef, author, restaurateur, contributing editor, television host and personality, avid philanthropist, health and fitness expert, lifestyle entrepreneur and proud mother of six. The Iron-chef has opened more than 18 restaurants across the United States and globally, highlighting her platform on health, wellness, and sustainability. In 2018, she was featured in… Read More »

‘Drugs don’t work when you’re trying to ease many kinds of chronic pain’

Chronic pain – defined as pain that lasts for more than three months – is debilitating, ­common, and often proves very difficult to treat. Doctors split pain into two camps. Secondary pain is linked to an underlying condition so it is often clear what can be done to help. But primary pain is where there’s… Read More »

More industrial action for NSW paramedics

Paramedics in NSW will continue industrial action over pay and work conditions despite facing consequences for unauthorised strikes last week. Last Thursday, paramedics across the state went on strike over an “insulting” pay rise offer made by the state government, attending life-threatening jobs but eschewing less serious incidents. More than 300 nurses and midwives also… Read More »

Democrats cite state abortion restrictions and ‘trigger laws’ in effort to codify Roe

Senate Democrats took aim at state abortion restrictions, including red-state “trigger” laws that would immediately ban the procedure if the landmark case Roe v. Wade is overturned, in their effort to codify the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold women’s right to obtain an abortion. Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal led the Wednesday Senate hearing to… Read More »