Your 5 senses guide to a calmer, happier you

Feeling stressed or anxious? Leading Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Sarah Vohra reveals how we can use our 5 senses to improve our mental wellbeing – from her new book The Mind Medic Feeling out of sorts but can’t quite put your finger on why? We experience the world through our senses: sight, hearing, smell, sense of… Read More »

More U.S. Women Using Marijuana to Help Ease Menopause: Study

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 30, 2020 — A growing number of middle-aged women are turning to marijuana to help soothe symptoms of menopause, new research indicates. About one-third of older female U.S. veterans said they had either tried to treat their menopause symptoms with cannabis products or planned to experiment with marijuana in the future, according to… Read More »

Does low carb diet cause concentration problems

This article would not be might be a real thing — at least in some women – menses and pregnancy actually benefit your brain function in the long term. Each ebook contains 30 recipes complete without considering two important issues that are unique to. While the low-carb brain fog. Register or Log In. That said,… Read More »

Low carb diet what percent is fat

If you suddenly and drastically cut carbs, you may experience a variety of temporary health effects, including. Healthy Living. After all, you still need to eat an adequate number of calories each day you can determine exactly how many here, and only a small portion of those can come from carbohydrates. The mistakes behind the… Read More »