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Expert tips on how to master safe DIY and avoid Doing Yourself In

DIY accidents cost the NHS over £220million a year in hospital visits, a survey has revealed. Folk doing up their homes have required emergency care for everything from injuring themselves with power tools to falling off ladders. Research by MyJobQuote.co.uk found many accidents lead to people taking up to three days off work to recover.… Read More »

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Keep yourself healthy to age gracefully

As people get older it is quite noticeable how their dreams of wealth and status are slowly moderated and how health becomes a focus. Health is something that young people tend to take for granted. Their bodies are strong, and they bounce back from almost anything. Wear and tear and the demands of everyday use… Read More »

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Protect yourself from hearing hazards in your home

Just as autumn is a glorious time to throw open the windows and enjoy some fresh air, winter is a time to keep them closed and fight off the chill. But the home-baked smells and warmth of the season aren’t the only things we’ve trapped inside — so is the noise generated by daily living.… Read More »

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