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Most providers not fully compliant with HIPAA access requirements, research shows

Dive Brief: More than half of providers sampled in a recent study failed to comply with the HIPAA right of access, according to research published Wednesday on medRxiv, a free online archive for unpublished health-related manuscripts. The study has not been peer-reviewed. The most common problem was providers not sending health records via email when… Read More »

Why The Research You’ve Read About On Smartphone Addiction May Be Wrong

Many studies concluding that people are “addicted” to their smartphones are flawed for a basic but unavoidably important reason, suggests a new research analysis. And ironically our phones are compiling clues pointing to this reason all the time. Researchers reviewed ten “addiction surveys” that claim to measure how much people use their smartphones and other immersive gadgets… Read More »

Research conducted recently relating isotretinoin – based acne treatments to suicidal purposes

Individuals who used to be tortured by acne for many years probably have in any case a slight idea on how could this affection cause one come with suicidal thoughts, whilst those who had been luckier than that have perhaps wondered about it, but didn’t pay excessive special attention. And even while this chance, despite… Read More »