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Disc Pump for Less Obtrusive Ambulatory Blood Pressure Systems

TTP Ventus, the UK-based developer of the Disc Pump, has recently begun working on a new application for this technology – ambulatory blood pressure systems. The company claims that the Disc Pump, which is a miniaturized, quiet, and highly efficient pump, could revolutionize ambulatory blood pressure measurements. At present, 24-hour blood pressure monitors are commonly… Read More »

Blood Pressure And Dementia

A crucial factor in maintaining a healthy brain is controlling your blood pressure. Large studies have shown that cardiovascular events and mortality rates were reduced by 25% in people who were intensively treated to keep their systolic blood pressure at less than 120. In other words you should attempt to keep your blood pressure as… Read More »

First Device for Predicting Risk of Pressure Ulcers FDA Cleared

January 4th, 2019 Editors Critical Care, Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Surgery, Vascular Surgery Pressure ulcers are a common malady for bedridden patients, a situation that clinicians have been struggling to improve significantly. There are devices that sense how long a part of a body has been pressed on for too long, beds that deflate and inflate… Read More »