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Lung cancer survivor who never smoked says patients get an unfair stigma

‘If you have lungs, you are at risk’: Mother-of-four, 49, who has never had a cigarette battles ‘incurable’ lung cancer and stigma as others ask her how many she smoked a day Jill Feldman, 49, from Chicago, Illinois, lost five family members to lung cancer over 14 years She started getting regular scans of her… Read More »

9 Medications You Should Never Stop Taking Abruptly

Everyday Wellness Stopping some medications can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, or at worst, can lead to a heart attack. LightField Studios/Shutterstock Nearly one-third of Americans have stopped taking a prescription drug at some time without consulting their doctor, according to the 2017 NPR-Truven Health Analytics Health Poll. The biggest reason given for not even starting a… Read More »

The Best Concert I Never Saw

I’m a little proud of myself right now. How often do we say that to ourselves? Probably not much. Definitely not enough. I am a recovering alcoholic. I’ve been sober most of the last 29 years. Yes, I’ve had some relapses. Too many to count, in fact. But I didn’t drink today, which is especially… Read More »